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The Stone Age

The Stone Age ART DIRECTING/STYLING Monique van der Reijden PRODUCTION Joyce de Haas, Michelle Verheijen PHOTOGRAPHY Floor Knaapen I.C.W.   Marble, metal, clay: what naturally comes from the earth is pretty, but look a likes are also dear to us. Good to combine with palissander, South-American braiding and canyon colours, from orange-red to sand…. Read more »


Nude These are the trend signals for the bathroom: Rosé gold has been processed in faucets and accessories. Also a nude and salmon color pallet has been used for natural stone optics and coloured mirrors. What do you think of this sensual vase in the shape of a woman body, like this is the bathroom… Read more »

Play with light

Speel met licht

Play with light Change the lights in your house and you’ll immediately feel the difference when you enter the room. The more daylight that enters the room, the more dynamic and atmosphere the room will get. This is easy to realize by decorating with coloured glass, mirrors and horizontal blinds. A styling tip for during… Read more »


Terracotta What comes to mind when you hear the word terracotta? Pottery, the seventies, bricks and hacienda’s from South America maybe? That’s exactly what this trend is all about. It’s in the air: All that’s associated with Terracotta. When you combine all these elements you create a new living atmosphere. This gives a modern, but… Read more »

All you need is love

All you need is love All you need is love: every year we celebrate Valentine’s day bigger and bigger, but why not? This is the perfect moment to surprise our (secret) beloved with a funny, romantic or luxurious gift for your home. Bring the colour of love to your house, because a red or pink… Read more »


Modest With natural colours you’ll make a timeless and modern-classic interior. Round shapes are trendy in every style these days. Black accents make the mood a bit edgy. Because of the black piping the modular couch becomes chique! The must have is the cabinet closet on high, small standards. This makes the closet less heavy… Read more »

Let the music play

Let the music play - Trend Compass

Let the music play TREND Let the music play: Trend Compass voor Elle Decoration Photography: James Stokes |  Art Director & Styling: Monique van der Reijden | Production team: Joyce de Haas, Michelle Verheijen, Menno Gysbers van Wijk, Renee de Laat, Zoe Baars, Gregor Vlasblom | © Trend Compass    During the Dutch Design Week Elle Decoration… Read more »


Cannage Flashback to the 80s! We may recognise this braiding ‘cannage’ as a hype from the previous century, but it’s making his comeback in the interior world. Its graphic pattern combined with the materials natural look creates a modern and rustic atmosphere. Because of the open structure the closet becomes less colossal and the accessories… Read more »

You want to bring these kitchen trends home

Deze keukentrends wil je in huis halen

You want to bring these kitchen trends home The cold winter months are just around the corner. We are inside more often and are searching for warmth. And what would be the best solution for feeling wonderful at home? Bring the nature inside! With natural colours and materials you create a relax and serene atmosphere…. Read more »

Disco Fever

Disco Fever - Discogufram

Disco Fever Start grooving and bring the Disco Fever to your home. In the world of interior design there’s a lot news that reminds us of the clubs and parties from the 70s and 80s. That enthusiastic fun and glamour feeling is being reborn. Freddy Mercury is starring again in the award winning movie Bohemian… Read more »