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Into the Groove

Mood Into the Groove: Round wall oiled in Nørdus Snow Birch purple via Leeuwerik, high gloss dark blue side table Lianou by Neri & Hu for De La Espada via, table lamp Bell by Tom Dixon, lounge fauteuil Etcetera by Jan Ekselius,, decorative radiator by Antonia Astori for Tubes Radiatori, high rounded cabinet in Corian – Midnight, sofa Betsy by Atelier Biagetti for Disco Gufram, glass round table Infinity by Arflex, standing bol lamp from the collective In the shadow of a man by Child Studio, table Column by Moving Mountains, on top Container by Pulpo Products| Monique van der Reijden & Michelle Verheijen © Trend Compass  


In 2020 interior designers will create an imaginative atmosphere by using more (plate) materials. Terrazzo, marble and metallic will be combined with trend colours. The outrages club scene from the seventies and eighties is a great inspiration. In this interior are round, soft shapes, bows, pillars and plateaus the ingredients. Design furniture will have a ‘glossy look’ because of the coloured glass, mirrored glass and metallic. These reflections generate more ambiance and dynamic.

Polyrey V107 – Vert Paradise, Polyrey P060 – Parme, Corian – Midnight, Nørdus – Snow Birch

Into the Groove - Moods
Trend production Let the music play for the Elle Decoration ism Trend Compass – photo by James Stokes



The Polyrey walls make a beautiful, matt backdrop for this interior which consist of trendsetting and award winning design. Like a high gloss cabinet with a melted discobal from the Disco Gufram collection, the Dipping Lights by Marset and the Beosound Edge speaker from Bang & Olufsen designed by the famous designer Michael Anastassiades. Read the Elle Decoration for all the ins and outs about the participants and interiors from the Dutch Design Week 2018, made possible by Leeuwerik.

Polyrey E026 – Émeraude
Polyrey A106 – Alu Brillant
Polyrey B118 – Bleu Nuit

Into the Groove - Moods
Interior by Frampton & Co


Deep blue, purple and green tones create a seducing and luxurious atmosphere. Divers stripe and cube patterns are surprisingly combined with marble and black wood. There has to be comfort and good acoustics is also important. So soft materials and comfortable furniture is a must have. You can finish the doors, windows and cabinets which are custom made with Shinnoki Raven Oak which looks like ‘fire coated’ black wood.

Into the Groove - Moods
Kitchen from the (Ivanhoe Residence) in the seventien vibe by Flack Studio, dark blue kitchen by

Polyrey B195 – Blue de Sevres, Polyrey F055 – Figue, Polyrey E026 – Émeraude, Leeuwerik The Veneer – Eucalyptus Ondé Kerngerookt


As for the bar and kitchen designs, rib patterns are hot and happening. Plate materials in colour, stone and wood are more often combined in one interior. Thanks to the matt finish from the materials, is this a great alternative for paint or wallpaper. The new Polyrey collection presents divers trend colours for the spring, like Parme, Vert Paradise, Emeraude and Figue. Purple and blue tones are obviously new trend colours in combination with dark wood and different kinds of stone.

Rug Dance Floor by GGSV for Discogufram
Table lamp Taz by Roche Robois
Table Column by Moving Mountains


These three novelties in the world of design are symbolic for the trend Into The Groove. The Award Winning Disco Gufram collection shows for example the rug ‘Dance Floor’. The 3D effect because of the rib pattern makes the rug a real work of art. The table ‘Column’ and the warm light from the new table lamp ‘Taz’ are also perfect to give this interior a great kick start. Not only the rib pattern, but also the gradient in colour, the gloss from the metallic and the striking shapes make these objects innovative.

Mood Into the Groove | Trend Compass

Polyrey S018 – Schiste, Polyrey A036 – Amandine, Leeuwerik The Veneer – Wengé Kwartiers, Polyrey B123 – Bleu Azur

Into the Groove - Moods
Wallpaper Screen Printing by Diane Bresson, Iconic sofa De Sede DS600, hanging lamp Orbit by And Light and still life by Wang & Söderström



Online we’re being inspired by interior images which seem real, but aren’t real. Extremely colourful, crazy shapes and new materials in rendered images surprise us and show us what we want in real life. A purple design classic, a wooden wall or a mirror plafond, why not? Just go for it.

Polyrey P060 – Parme
Leeuwerik The Veneer – American Nuts
Corian – Evening Prima


It’s a cocktail bar in the trendy neighbourhood Shoreditch in London. When you look at the website or instagram you immediately feel the urge to check out more. The happy mix of materials, colours, graphic dessins and (neon) light gives the interior of Tonight Josephine an important new function. The perfect décor for an Instagram picture. This new development in the interior architecture where designs have to be ‘Instagram friendly’, results in more experiments with crazy combinations of materials in one room.

Into the Groove - Moods
Cocktail bar Tonight Josephine in Shoreditch Londen

Into the Groove - Moods
Table from the U&I Collection by Birnam Wood Studio and Sunabonometti and neon light – Cocktail bar Tonight Josephine

Polyrey B195 – Bleu de Sèvres, Leeuwerik The Veneer – Pallisander Indisch, Polyrey A106 – Alu Brillant, Polyrey- G085 – Grain De Riz Argent



High gloss aluminium, mirrors and metallic materials are necessary in an interior in 2020. In a modern lifestyle will bright colours and wood be a great combination with glossy and mirror materials. Vertical lines will break the many round shapes and make the room seem higher. That’s why vertical blinds are making a comeback in the living room.

Mirror Marcel from the Riflessioni collection by Adele-C
Side table Mousse by Toni Grilo for Riluc
Interior Heart of Glass by Spotti Milano