CREDITS MONOCHROME: Outfit House of Dagmar FW16, stof Pulsar van Kvadrat, grijs kussen en groene vaas van Bloomingville, kussen Line, hanglampen Amp en zwarte eend van Normann Copenhagen, bank Can van Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec voor Hay, bijzettafel Mopsy van Markus Johansson, stoel Ray van Lera Moiseeva, poef Five van Muuto. | © Trend Compass 


In the Mood Monochrome dominates one colour in the entire interior. The rich textures of textiles with subtle prints, tissues, thin lines and zigzag patterns creates just enough contrast with the one colour to get a warm and trendy interior. Modisch and chic at the same time. Choose one extra accent colour and play with black for more atmosphere. This way you can personalize your own monochrome interior.

Moodboard-Scandinavisch wonen
Moodboard with black & white
Ports 1961 SS18

Hanglamp unfoldt van Muuto
Hanging lamp unfoldt by Muuto

Erika Cavallini FW17
Erika Cavallini FW17

Keuken Emma Persson Lagerberg Foto PetraBindel
Kitchen Emma Persson Lagerberg Photo PetraBindel

Urban garden

verf Lady Balance-matt van Jotun
Wall paint Lady Balance-matt by Jotun

lamp van WestElm
Lamp with copper accents